About the foundation

About us

The humanitarian foundation “Kuća od Srca” is a unique foundation established to improve lives of as many vulnerable families, especially children, in Serbia. The founder of the foundation is an actor and a producer Žarko Lazić, who already helped many families through the humanitarian TV series “Kuća od Srca”. During the show, he realized that unfortunately there is no possibility to help everyone, as the number of families that need help is so large, and that is why he came up with an idea of ​creating a foundation that could give everyone an equal chance for a normal, happier and enriched living.

Main activities of the foundation are collecting donations from all over the world through dedicated accounts that are opened for each family individually, as well as through a unique humanitarian SMS number. Donated funds are used to purchase building materials for the construction or renovation of houses, to purchase the furniture, home appliances, carpentry work, introducing lighting, electricity and water in the homes, as well as other means necessary for equipping and arranging humane living conditions for those in need and all those in Serbia who do not have the financial means to solve their housing issues.

Through our website, anyone can check daily how much money has been paid to which family and how much still needs to be collected. Beneficiaries of the foundation have no contact with the money at any time. Collected funds are paid directly from a special sub-account of the beneficiary to construction companies, warehouses, appliance companies, etc., based on submitted invoices. All user sub-accounts are owned by the Foundation.

We would like to thank everyone who supported our work for years through the TV series “Kuća od Srca” and everyone who contributed to the Foundation’s work. We invite all the media to join by promoting our work, publishing banners and stories about families, so that our voice would reach as many people as possible, who will contribute to raising funds and helping those in need.

The foundation's commission for all donations is 0%

Any donation to the foundation's account will be automatically displayed on the site after postings in the bank, except for SMS donations that will be published once a month, after the payment of mobile operators for the accounting period.