How can I help?

How can I help?

Let’s be useful! Anyone who is capable and willing to help our beneficiaries to get their ‘Kuća od srca’, can do that in several ways:


1. By sending a text message with the number 1 or 2 or 3… to a humanitarian number

If you wish to help our beneficiaries, you can send a text message with the corresponding number. Each beneficiary is allocated a different number, which you should enter in the text box and send to the number_______ to make a donation. The value of the message is _______ dinars (VAT is not charged). After sending it, you will receive a text message confirming your donation.
You can also type the number _______ in the text box and send the text message to the number _______. Such a donation goes to a joint account.
The third option is a monthly subscription via text message. By sending the message “KUCAODSRCA”, to __________, you become a subscriber who automatically donates _______ RSD to a joint account every month. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending “STOPKOS” to _______.
Example: You want to help the Aleksic family. As per the profile, the family is registered under the beneficiary number 5. Write a message with the content “5” and send a text message to __________.


2. Donate to beneficiary’s RSD (RSD=Serbian dinar) account

Each beneficiary has their own special RSD account available for donations. You can make a deposit at the nearest Post Office or a bank, by filling out a transfer order. If you use the “mBanking” application, you can automatically complete a transfer order by scanning unique beneficiary’s QR code, which is located at the bottom of his/her profile page.

Example: You want to help the Aleksic family. You can see the family’s special RSD account number on the profile. You can deposit desired amount to the appropriate account in the nearest bank. The next working day, you can check on the website whether the payment has been made.

3. Donate to the beneficiary’s foreign currency account.

Each beneficiary has a special foreign currency account available for the donations.

Example: You want to help the Aleksić family. On the family’s profile page, you can find their special foreign currency account number in euros. Below the banner, there is a link with instructions for making payments to a foreign currency account in euros. You can deposit desired amount to the appropriate account in the nearest bank. The payment will be visible on our Foundation’s website after it gets processed on beneficiary’s foreign currency account.


4. Donate online

Online donations can be made with payment cards, from our country and abroad, through the “E-commerce” service of Intesa Bank. It is possible to use “Maestro”, “Visa” and “Master card” payment cards.

Example: You want to help the Aleksić family. There is an “e-Doniraj” link on the family’s profile page. Clicking on the link, you will be transferred to the page of Intesa Bank, where you need to enter the necessary data to make the donation. In a few days, you can ensure donation has been made, by checking on our website


5. Donation from abroad with PayPal

Example: You want to help. There is a PAYPAL link button on beneficiary’s profile. Clicking on it will take you to the page where you can enter the amount you wish to donate, in Euros, and if you wish your name and surname. Also, you need to confirm the “I AM NOT A ROBOT” field. Then click on the Donate button and follow the next steps. Donation via PAYPAL is not available from Serbia due to legal restrictions.

The foundation's commission for all donations is 0%

Any donation to the foundation's account will be automatically displayed on the site after postings in the bank, except for SMS donations that will be published once a month, after the payment of mobile operators for the accounting period.