Our work

Humanitarian Foundation Kuća od srca – was founded by Žarko Lazić, an actor, producer and a host of the long-running humanitarian show “Kuća od srca“.

Our mission is to help families in need and to ensure humane and safe living conditions for them.

The Foundation’s way of working allows all beneficiaries to have the equal opportunity to be seen by the society, and on the other hand, anyone who donates can track their donations and know, at all times how much money has been collected.

This was made possible by opening the website www.fondacijakucaodsrca.rs where all those who seek help are given a sub-account and a personal number for joint SMS charity number ________.

Money collected for a specific beneficiary is paid directly to the companies that provide the service. Payment is made exclusively through the account, after receiving the invoice. Money cannot be withdrawn or come into direct contact with any natural person, not even the beneficiary himself/herself.

Every beneficiary has personal profile with local (RSD) and foreign currency accounts, personal SMS number and insight of all the donations they receive via SMS or to the accounts. The Foundation does not withhold commission.

Information on how much money has been collected for each beneficiary is published on our website every day.

Becoming our beneficiary is very simple.

It is necessary to fill out the request form. After checking whether the future beneficiary meets the requirements, the contract is signed and after the SMS sub-number activation procedure is completed, the action is advertised on the foundation’s website, and from that moment on, fundraising begins.

There are several ways to donate:

– Sending a text message to the humanitarian number _______:
Text message with the corresponding number for specific beneficiary can be sent to the number ______. The value of the message is _____ RSD.

– Donating to the beneficiary’s RSD account:
Each beneficiary has their own special RSD account to which money can be deposited.

– Donating to beneficiary’s foreign currency account:
Each user has their own special foreign currency account to which money can be deposited.

– Online donation:
Donating with payment cards through the service of “Intesa” bank. Deposit can be made with “Maestro”, “Visa” and “Master card” payment cards.

– Donating from abroad via PAYPAL account:
Mobile network operators A1, Yettel, MTS and Globaltel waived their rights to a commission, and all the RSD and foreign currency accounts have been opened with the bank “Intesa”.

The foundation's commission for all donations is 0%

Any donation to the foundation's account will be automatically displayed on the site after postings in the bank, except for SMS donations that will be published once a month, after the payment of mobile operators for the accounting period.